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main building.JPGThank you for visiting the website of Camp JOY Inc. We hope that you will continue to visit us at this site or especially come out and visit the camp first hand. We will be more than happy to show you around or to answer questions that you might have.

Thanks again and we hope to see you soon.       

"Just Imagine the possibilities"


     Each year we estimate over 1000 young people and adults visit Camp JOY each year. They were part of a camp, a retreat, a picnic, a singing or some other event. Many of these people, the young especially, could have been in a lot of other places, doing a lot of other things, but they were at Camp JOY. Can you imagine the differences that teaching the word of God to these kids at Camp JOY has made. We understand  that there are other camps, but we would like for you to visit Camp JOY and just IMAGINE THE POSSIBILITIES that we can provide.

We're looking forward to another great year.


It has been very rewarding to see the groups using Camp JOY over the past few years, that we've been open. Our hopes and prayers have been that we would see lots of both young and not so young people using Camp JOY. And these hopes are being realized. There have been several camps, reunions, picnics and other activities going on. And its been prayers answered to see the camp becoming a reality.

The feed back has been very positive. With only a few minor repairs every thing has gone on without a hitch. And we are looking forward to many more  year with the same success.

Plans are on the table for additional improvements to be done in the future and camp will be even better.

We invite you to come and be a part of our growth.



Thank you for your prayers.